Elena and Tatiana Safari Park Half-marathon San Diego - Kate Canale
Fun Runners - Happy Hour BodyStarts with an energetic warm up & workout. Everyone runs their own pace and distance. Average runner will do 2-6 miles. Walkers, kids, dogs and stroller strides welcome. Group stretch and breakfast to follow. No charge or membership fee. Donations welcome. Meeting every Saturday at 8AM- Culver City Park during winter months and Playa Del Rey Beach during summer. Please RSVP and get details through our meet up group.

Running together since 2011
3rd Anniversary Fun Run - Happy Hour Body
Medals - Happy Hour Body
The group started when I was training for the LA marathon and decided to bring some friends a long. We started running every Saturday and just never stopped. I've seen a 16 minute pace become a 9 minute pace, 2 miles become 26.2, and the haters become addicted! Lots of amazing victories have come from the Fun Run and I hope they will continue. Just call us the gateway drug! Come run and join the family!
- Kate Canale