Personal Training
Instead of molding you into the standard idea of fitness, we mold the fitness around you. Our approach is unique because so are you. Let us help you discover a workout and nutrition plan that you can realistically achieve and enjoy.

The Happy Hour Body Trainer will:

• Educate you on proper nutrition
• Help you form a strong fitness base to prevent future injuries
• Teach you how to workout efficiently
• Help you find the workouts you enjoy
• Find ways to bring workouts and healthy meals into your busy schedule
• Push you through motivation blocks and bad food habits

Our trainers will give you the tools to achieve a healthy body but the commitment is yours and yours alone. We don’t use any magic pills or overnight diets. For overweight clients, expect to lose 2-3 lbs a week when committing to the meal and workout plan. Please contact to schedule. Prices vary. Workouts are done outside, in home, or in studio space.