Welcome to the Happy Hour BODYBLOG! Take a look at 2014 through my eyes with the video above. Lots of inspiring fitness success stories to keep you motivated and learn more about my approach to fitness.     

2015It’s the start of a new year and a time to refresh your life plan. I hope you have been creating a strategy to fulfill your health and fitness goals for 2015. Wait. What? You have no strategy? You just have a goal with no plan? Ok well here are some great strategies to help you accomplish your goals:

1. Reflect and Assess

Think back to 2014 and write down 3 fitness accomplishments that made you most proud. (i.e finished a triathlon, gave up soda, or became a regular in spin class.) Then write down 3 things that did not work for you in 2014 and why (i.e trying to workout after work, but too exhausted to ever follow through.) Lastly, write down 3 new realistic approaches towards your goals for 2015. (i.e I will get up earlier to workout before work starting with 1 day a week.) Let these self discoveries be a guide to help create a successful new year. Reflect and assess as much as you need so you can continue to grow and not make repetitive mistakes. Taking time once a month to reflect and assess is a beneficial realistic goal.

2. Make a realistic plan of attack

When your workouts have been once every 2 months do not plan to workout 7 days a week out of the blue. You need to work in a routine little by little. Start with a simple goal of one day, then the following week 2 days, and 3 days after that. Pick a day each week to sit down with your calendar and plan your workouts. During this time, put together a meal plan for the week and make up a grocery list. the meal plan can be as thorough or as loose as you want. Remember: step by step.


3. Build your plan into your life style

A strict regiment of a specified weight workout 2X a day is not for everyone and it shouldn’t have to be. Think about the things you like to do and the people you like to do it with. If you don’t know, explore. Join various meet up groups  ( ) and meet different people. If you have a close network of family and friends, get them involved. Compromise interests and do activities together. Add a healthy recipe share group into your network’s social gatherings. Make it fun!


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4. Accountability

Check off workouts on your calendar when accomplished. At the end of the month you will be able to reflect and assess more thoroughly when looking back at your month. Keep a log or journal of what you did in your workouts and how you felt afterwards. When having trouble with your diet and cannot figure out why you are not losing weight or feeling energized keep a meal log and record what you have been eating, how much and when. Meet with a professional trainer and/or nutritionist who you can check in with each week and who can hold you accountable for your progress. Can’t afford a professional? Commit to workouts with a buddy in which you both can hold each other accountable.

5. Positive self-talk and affirmations

Keeping positivity all around you is beneficial to your psyche and is powerful motivation! We cannot always rely on the ones around us to lift us up, so we need to be our own #1 fan! Get rid of any negative self-talk and keep telling yourself that you can, you will and you deserve it. Write positive affirmations on your calendars or notes around your workspace. Always remember that you choose how you see your self and that becomes your reality. Choose to see great value in yourself and that will give you the strength to accomplish any thing you set forth.

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